How we care

by God’s grace we…

C – Communicate Christ care and love to  churches, pastors, & missionaries. 

A – Activate the hope, healing, confidence and courage of Christ 

R – Restore & reclaim broken leaders to Christ 

E – Encourage health & wholeness



why we do it

A tenth of all church leaders cut short their careers, mostly because of burnout or moral failure. The results are devastating for the leaders themselves and their families. Their churches are damaged, sometimes catastrophically. Communities lose important resources the churches historically provided. In the process, the Lord’s reputation in the world suffers. 

“We were made to live in communion with God and each other. Unfortunately, many pastors work in self-inflicted solitude,” explains Cole. “We are commissioned to be messengers of God’s hope and rescue to pastors, so their ministries can become strong and effective to the end. 

What we DO

Pastoral Counseling

One-on-one Discipleship

Leadership Transitions / Generational Transfer

Leadership Training

Consulting for Churches / Ministries

And more….